Precambrian and Structural Geology

Anderson, M.W., Andrews, J.R., Dearman, W.R., Gayner, R.A., Peacock, D.C.P., Sanderson, D.J. and Shail R.K.
Stephenson, D., Leslie, A.G., Mendum, J.R., Tanner, P.W.G. and Treagus, J.G.
This volume describes the Dalradian Supergroup and its basement rocks which, together with younger plutons, underpin most of the Grampian Highlands and the islands of the Inner Hebrides between the Highland Boundary Fault and the Great Glen Fault.
Mendum, J.R., Barber, A.J., Butler, R.W.H., Flinn, D., Goodenough, K.M., Krabbendam, M., Park, R.G. and Stewart, A.D.
This volume describes the outcrops of Precambrian rocks that lie north-west of the Great Glen Fault in the North-west Highlands of Scotland and in the Outer Hebrides and parts of Shetland. The rocks and their convoluted tectonic and metamorphic histories chart the first 2700 million years of the geological development of Great Britain.
Carney, J.N., Horak, J.M., Pharaoh, T.C., Gibbons, W., Wilson, D., Barclay, W.J., Bevins, R.E., Cope, J.C.W. & Ford, T.D.
This volume describes the Precambrian GCR sites found in England and Wales. These exposures of Precambrian rocks are sparsely distributed and occupy fairly small areas of southern Britain, yet they are associated with some of Britain's most beautiful countryside.
Treagus, J.E. (ed.)
This volume deals with those sites selected as part of the Geological Conservation Review within the southern British part of the Caledonides – a Caledonian terrane without strong and pervasive deformation and metamorphism, such as occurred further north. It is of particular interest because the former Caledonian mountain chain, which can be seen today in fragmented pieces in Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland and North America, was ultimately the result of the collision of two continental plates and the closure of a fomer ocean, Iapetus.