Igneous Petrology and Mineralogy


Smith, G. and Livingstone, A.
This volume provides a summary of the mineralogy sites in Scotland.
Bevins, R.E., Young, B., Mason, J.S., Manning, D.A.C. and Symes, R.F.
This volume provides a summary of the mineralization GCR sites in England and Wales.
Floyd, P.A., Exley, C.S. & Styles, M.T.
This volume puts the Geological Conservation Review sites of south-west England into their geological context. Details are given of the lavas, granites and associated rocks of Devon and Cornwall, which were formed throughout a major mountain-building episode, between 450–270 million years ago, and have shaped the economic growth of the region.
Stephenson, D., Loughlin, S.C., Millward, D., Waters, C.N. & Williamson, I.T.
This volume describes the volcanic rocks and associated intrusions that were emplaced during the Carboniferous and Permian periods 350 to 250 million years ago.
Stephenson, D., Bevins, R.E., Millward, D., Highton, A.J., Parsons, I., Stone, P. & Wadsworth, W.J.
This volume describes the igneous rocks of Great Britain that were erupted, intruded or emplaced tectonically as a direct result of the Caledonian Orogeny, between 500 and 390 million years ago.
Emeleus, C.H. & Gyopari, M.C.
This volume deals with the excellently exposed rocks of the British Tertiary Volcanic Province on the west coast of Scotland.