Igneous Rocks of South-West England
GCR Volume No. 5
Floyd, P.A., Exley, C.S. & Styles, M.T.
This volume puts the Geological Conservation Review sites of south-west England into their geological context. Details are given of the lavas, granites and associated rocks of Devon and Cornwall, which were formed throughout a major mountain-building episode, between 450–270 million years ago, and have shaped the economic growth of the region.



South-west England has been renowned for centuries for both the splendour of its scenery and the richness of its mineral resources, ranging from tin to china clay and building stones. Both aspects owe much to the igneous rocks which characterize the area, the scientific study of which has provided not only a body of regional knowledge, but has helped to build an understanding of the development of the Variscan fold belt of northern Europe and granite evolution in general.

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256 pages, illustrations, A4 hardback
ISBN 0 41248 850 7
Please cite as: Floyd, P.A., Exley, C.S. & Styles, M.T. (1993) Igneous Rocks of South-west England, Geological Conservation Review Series, No. 5, Chapman and Hall, London, 256 pp.