Palaeozoic Stratigraphy


Barclay, W.J., Browne, M.A.E., McMillan, A.A., Pickett, E.A., Stone, P. and Wilby, P.R.
This volume contains details of some 70 GCR sites in Great Britain that are of importance for their Old Red Sandstone deposits.
Leveridge, B.E. (ed.)
Smith, D.B.
This volume covers the diverse suite of carbonate rocks known collectively as the Magnesian Limestone which formed near the margins of shallow tropical seas during the last five or six million years of the Permian Period.
Cleal, C.J. & Thomas, B.A.
This book forms an invaluable resource for all those interested in Upper Carboniferous sedimentology, stratigraphy and palaeontology.
Aldridge, R.J., Siveter, David J., Siveter, Derek J., Lane, P.D., Palmer, D. & Woodcock, N.H.
This book reveals how the entity we know as 'the British Isles' today was basically assembled in Silurian times. The sites record the changing environments and life during this period.
Cossey, P.J., Adams, A.E., Purnell, M.A., Whiteley, M.J., Whyte, M.A. & Wright, V.P.
This volume represents the first detailed account of the scientific interest at Britain’s most important Lower Carboniferous stratigraphical sites and includes the most comprehensive Lower Carboniferous bibliography compiled to date.
Rushton, A.W.A., Owen, A.W., Owens, R.M. & Prigmore, J.K.
This volume describes some 130 sites that encapsulate key features of the Cambrian and Ordovician in Britain. Geologists throughout the world will continually need to examine British Cambrian and Ordovician rocks on account of their outstanding importance as standards of reference. This volume is a major contribution to such studies.
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