MesozoicCenozoic Stratigraphy

Radley, J. (ed.)
Benton, M.J., Cook, E. & Turner, P.
This volume documents the broad range of desert environments of the Permian and Early to Mid Triassic deposits in Britain, as well as the brackish water to marginal marine environments of the Mid to Late Triassic times, and the marine Penarth Group deposits, of latest Triassic age, that cap the 'red-bed' sequence.
Wright, J.K. & Cox, B.M.
This volume describes over 40 Upper Jurassic sites, from the Dorset coast to the Isle of Skye off north-west Scotland.
Mortimore, R.N., Wood, C.J. & Gallois, R.W.
This volume provides a comprehensive explanation of the geology and the geological significance of 37 GCR sites across the British Isles from coastal cliffs to individual small chalk pits.
Daley, B. & Balson, P.
This volume provides descriptions and a scientific evaluation and interpretation of those Tertiary sites assigned SSSI status on the grounds of their stratigraphical importance and value in palaeoenvironmental, palaeogeographical and palaeoclimatological interpretation.
Cox, B.M. & Sumbler, M.G.
This volume describes over 100 Middle Jurassic Geological Conservation Review sites, from the Dorset coast to the Inner Hebrides off the north-west coast of Scotland.
Kelly, S.
Simms, M.J., Chidlaw, N., Morton, N. & Page, K.N.
This volume describes 45 sites which represent the entire British outcrop of British Lower Jurassic strata.