Cooper, R.G.
This volume covers the causes of mass movements and their manifesations, and describes over 30 sites of interest.
Waltham, A.C., Simms, M.J., Farrant, A.R. & Goldie, H.S.
This volume provides information on the diverse range of karst landscapes and cave systems in Great Britain, and describes nearly 100 GCR sites which show important features.
Gregory, K.J. (Ed.)
This book is the most up-to-date summary of fluvial sites in Britain, and will form an invaluable resource for all those interested in fluvial processes, from conservation and environmental specialists to managers of rivers and river channels.
May, V.J. and Hansom, J.D.
This volume is the first to highlight both the conservation value of the coastal geomorphology sites of Great Britain and the important role these sites play in the development of the science of geomorphology.