Completion of the UK Network of SACs for Marine Habitats


Annex I Reef © Sue Hiscock/JNCCThe UK is nearing completion of the marine SAC network. Following recent submissions of several marine SACs, the UK anticipates that the marine SAC network for marine habitats is now substantially complete. The UK contribution to the network will be assessed in due course by the European Commission at the Atlantic marine region biogeographic level.


Whilst the assessment of Member States' contributions to the network is conducted by the Commission, in order to effectively advise Government on a suitable number and range of sites to propose to the Commission, JNCC has considered the network in a whole UK context, and to a more limited extent, in a wider European context. A paper discussing progress towards completion of the UK SAC network was approved by JNCC Committee in 2013.


JNCC has conducted the network analysis by examining three principles, as laid out in Article 3 of the Habitats Directive. These are the principles of:

  • Natural range;
  • Sufficiency;
  • Proportionality.

See SAC selection process and guidance page for further information.