The development and success of the classification has only been possible through the considerable input and tremendous enthusiasm of a wide variety of people. Expertise from scientific and conservation management perspectives, with international through to local standpoints, and with views on both general philosophies and practical considerations have been essential to ensure the classification has developed as a robust scientific but practical tool for marine nature conservation and environmental management. We are very grateful to all those involved, for both the many positive comments which have encouraged us and the criticisms which have helped to sharpen the end product.

The following particularly contributed to the shallow section (from version 04.05):


Analysis of data:

Kate Bull (JNCC, now EN)
Rohan Holt (CCW)
Christine Howson (Consultant)
Eammon Kelly (JNCC)
Kate Smith (JNCC, now CCW)

Comments on the revised classification:

Kathryn Baukham (CCW)
John Baxter (SNH)
Daryl Birkett (Queen's University, Belfast)
Martin Bradley (EHS)
Paul Brazier (CCW)
Alison Brunstrom (CCW)
Francis Bunker (Marine Seen)
Ann Bunker (CCW)
Paul Gilliland (EN)
Mike Guiry (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Eleanor Hill (EN)
Tim Hill (EN)
Keith Hiscock (Marine Biological Association)
Monica Jones (CCW)
Charles Lindenbaum (CCW)
Natasha Lough (CCW)
Julia Nunn (Ulster Museum)
Brendan O'Connor (Aquafact)
Ivor Rees (University of Wales, Bangor)
Kate Smith (CCW)
Christina Vina-Herbon (North Atlantic Fisheries College)
Tim Worsfold (Unicomarine)
Nicola White (Posford Haskoning)

Data management and development of the electronic publication:

Dave Chambers
Mike Webster
Steve Wilkinson
Ulric Wilson
Hannah Betts
Cathy Gardner
(all JNCC)

The following particularly contributed to the deep-sea section:


Analysis of data:

Kerry Howell (Plymouth University)
Nils Piechaud (Plymouth University)
Bhavani Narayanaswamy (Scottish Association for Marine Science)
David Hughes (Scottish Association for Marine Science)
Thom Nickell (Scottish Association for Marine Science)
Brian Bett (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)

Comments on the proposed deep-sea classification:

Helen Ellwood (JNCC)
Natalie Askew (JNCC)
David Connor (EC)
Francis Neat (MSS)
Lea-Anne Henry (Heriot Watt University)
Chris Barrio (Cefas)
Andy Kenny (Cefas)
Laura Clark (SNH)

Data management and development of the electronic publication:

Dave Chambers
Ulric Wilson
Cathy Gardner
(all JNCC)