Certain species of wild mammals are protected under their own legal provisions.
Legislation prohibits the use of any ship for the whaling of any species of cetacean within United Kingdom Fishery Limits. 
This protection is provided by the Whaling Industry (Regulations) Act 1934, as amended by the Fishing Limits Act, 1981.
Amendments to the Habitats Regulations for England and Wales and the new Offshore Marine Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 2007 came into force on the 21st August 2007. Both Regulations revised the definition of deliberate disturbance of European Protected Species (cetaceans, turtles and the Atlantic sturgeon). In the document “The deliberate disturbance of marine European Protected Species - Interim guidance for English and Welsh territorial waters and the UK offshore marine area”, the JNCC provides initial guidance in interpreting the law from the point of view of nature conservation, so that developers in the marine environment can assess the likelihood of committing an offence and how offences can be avoided, and if a wildlife licence is required.