The comparative tables

The comparative tables enable a rapid comparison of the species composition and the principal physical characteristics between user-defined sets of biotopes (and other classification units). They are equivalent to the biological and physical comparative tables that were included in the back of the biotope manuals in version 97.06 of the classification (Connor et al., 1997 a,b).
For version 04.05 of the classification, the comparative tables are provided in the form of two Excel™ documents, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. One contains physical data, and the other contains biological (species) data. The information in these tables is based solely on data from the core biotope records, i.e. those field records from the JNCC marine database on which the biotope descriptions are based. The text section on data analysis describes how these core biotope records were determined.
Guidance notes have been written on the comparative tables, which describe the layout and the filtering options of the tables, as well as details on the derivation of the data. The tables contain a large amount of data and a large range of filtering options, which may lead to confusion: the guidance notes should help to address most question. There are separate pages for guidance notes for the physical tables and the biological tables, or they can be downloaded as a pdf file at the bottom of this page.
In order to use the comparative tables effectively, familiarity with the biotope codes and the hierarchical structure of the classification is required. It may help to print out the hierarchy structure diagrams for the five broad habitats, and use them as a cross-reference. Note that the comparative tables contain information for units at all levels in the classification hierarchy, i.e. from broad habitats through to sub-biotopes. For brevity, the term "biotope" is used to refer to all classification units throughout the guidance notes.
Comparative tables guidance - File format pdf (45KB)
Physical comparative tables - File format zip (148KB)
Biological comparative tables - File format zip (945KB)