Pleistocene Vertebrates of Great Britain
(in prep.)
(exact title to be confirmed)
Schreve, D. and Currant, A.
This volume provides an invaluable summary of Pleistocene bird and mammal fossil sites throughout Great Britain.


Fossil mammals and birds have been found at many hundreds of localities in Britain, and there is a long history of collection and study, dating back to the earliest days of palaeontology. Many British specimens have been pivotal in major developments in the history of the sciences of palaeontology, comparative anatomy and evolution. The volume is a companion to the 'Mesozoic to Tertiary Mammals' GCR volume.
This volume will be published by Elsevier as a Special Issue of the Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, the official journal of the Geologists' Association.
c. 400 pages, illustrations
Please cite as: Schreve, D. and Currant, A. (in prep.) Pleistocene Vertebrates of Great Britain, Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, Special Issue.