Global Strategy for Plant Conservation


Despite being in a separate Kingdom to plants, fungi do have a part to play in the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.  The text of the decision states:
“the Strategy addresses the Plant Kingdom with focus on higher plants, and other well-described groups such as Bryophytes and Pteridophytes.  The setting of measurable targets for this set of taxa is more credible than for many lower plant groups.  This does not imply that these groups do not have important ecological functions, nor that they are not threatened.  However, effective action will be best achieved by focusing, in an initial phase at least, on achievable outcomes for known taxa.  Parties may choose on a national basis to include lower taxa”
The decision does not define ‘lower plant groups’, but traditionally (although not very accurately!) this would include both lichenised and non-lichenised fungi.  In the UK response to the Global Strategy, it was agreed that the UK would include the conservation of fungi where appropriate.  JNCC has been nominated the UK Focal Point for the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.  There is a UK implementation website.