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Spreadsheet column


Category Broad taxon category e.g. ‘mammal’, ‘invertebrate’.

Taxon group

A more specific catergory of taxon group, for example, ‘marine mammal’, and ‘insect – butterfly’. These taxonomic groups have been derived from the National Biodiversity Network Species Dictionary groupings.

Recommended taxon name This is the name of the taxon as it has been recorded within the preferred checklist identified in the NHM's UK species inventory.
It is not necessarily the same as the name used on the published source (ie a red data book or a legislative annex).
Recommended authority Authority of the Recommended taxon name as it has been recorded in the NHM's UK species inventory.
Recommended qualifier Attributes/Qualifier of the Recommended taxon name as it has been recorded in the NHM's UK species inventory.
Recommended taxon version key

Code for the taxon as recorded on the relevant preferred checklist on the NHM's UK species inventory.
Each combination of Recommended taxon name & Recommended authority & Recommended qualifier has its own Recommended taxon version key, which is unique for that combination.

Designated name

This is the name used on the published source. It is only shown where it is different to the ‘taxon’ column.

Common name

Common name where available. These may be replaced by preferred common names as recorded on the NHM's UK species inventory.

This indicates where the information was obtained from, i.e. where the ‘designation’ has been published.

Source description A more detailed description of the source, including authors, authority and further relevant information.
URL source URL of the source, when available online.
Date designated

This is the date in which the designation was made.

Reporting category Type of constituent list from which a designation comes under.
For example, "Global Red list status", "Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981" or "Birds Directive".
Designation It includes the appropiate schedule/annex/appendix that a species is on.
For species listed on Red Data Books/lLists, the category is shown using its IUCN status.
Designation abbreviation This is other way of coding the designation that, on some occasions, contains the reporting category and the designation.
IUCN version For Red Data Book listings this indicates whether the version of the IUCN criteria are pre 1994, 1994 or 2001.
Criteria description

This shows why that species has been assigned a designation.
For example, ">20% breeding population in the UK".

Note that this column is not filled in for all rows.

Comments Comments on the provenance of the species and any constraints that may apply to the designation.
Link to Species Records on NBN Gateway Link to the NBN Gateway interactive map where it is possible to visualise the species distribution in the UK.

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