Lists by taxon group


The worksheet "Lists by taxon group" is potentially extremely useful for summarising items on a list. This is in many ways more straightforward to use than the master list and is in fact a simplified presentation of the data in the master list. For those familiar with Excel functionality it is a Pivot Table based on the master list.


You can use this sheet to get a simple taxon list for a given taxon group and reporting category. The taxon list will be categorised according to designation. In the example shown below the worksheet is filtered to show only red listed butterflies. It should look something like the screenshot below.

taxon group report from species designations spreadsheet

As you can see in the above example the designations are sorted in the order specified by the IUCN criteria, ie by order of threat status (starting with Extinct and ending with Rare).


If you wish to see the IUCN Red listings for another taxonomic group, you should choose one from the drop down menu at the top left of the above page.


You can also change the reporting category, e.g. to UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP) lists by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the "reporting category" column heading and ticking the appropriate category.

Species designations for butterflies/biodiversity action plan lists

Note that the drop down list for reporting category enables the user to choose more than one category. You can also use the drop down menu under ‘Designation’ to restrict results to particular designations, for example, you may want to show only Extinct and Endangered Red listed taxa.