Summary for each taxon


This is a more compact presentation of the key information in the master list. Each taxon is shown on a single row, with different columns for the reporting categories. The "designation abbreviation" is written in cells where a taxon has a designation under a particular reporting category. This abbreviated is designed to clearly and compactly show relevant information, for example, ‘RedList_Global_post94:CR’, found under the Global Red List column, shows that this particular taxon was assessed as "Critically Endangered" using post 1994 assessment criteria.


If you only wanted to look at species with a certain designation in a reporting category (for example all "Vulnerable" taxa on the Global Red list) then this can be done by filtering on the reporting category column. Click on the little grey down arrow at the top of the reporting category column, and select the designation of interest from the drop down menu. The grey down arrow will change to blue when the filter is on. To turn the filter off, click again on the (now) blue down arrow and select ‘all’ from the drop down menu. (Note, if using MS Office 2007 you will need to click on check boxes from the drop down menu in order to filter, and a filter symbol will appear in the place of the down arrow when the filter is on).


how to filter