David stands as Ramsar Goliath!

Senior Ornithologist appointed member of Scientific and Technical Review Panel


Members of the STRP are selected once every three years and the Ramsar Standing Committee recently reviewed a large list of nominees for the regional members of the STRP for the triennium 2003-2005.David Stroud©JNCC Fourteen experts were chosen to be invited to participate as a full member in the STRP, including David Stroud, Senior Ornithologist from JNCC.
David Stroud has lead responsibility for the UK's national implementation of the Ramsar Convention and its international linkages. He has chaired the UK's Ramsar Committee and has long experience of Ramsar and other conventions' processes. Nationally, he helps to co-ordinate the UK extensive bird monitoring programmes and has a particular research and conservation expertise in peatlands. He also has expertise in Ramsar site designations, and has made a significant contribution to the development of Ramsar's Strategic Framework and guidelines for the development of the List of Wetlands of International Importance.
David has made a long-term and highly significant contribution to the work of Wetlands International in its regular preparation of global waterbird population estimates and the process of providing 1% thresholds for the application of Criteria 6 for Ramsar site designation. This has included developing a recommended procedure and schedule for the updating of waterbird population estimates, first presented as a Technical Session paper to Ramsar's COP6 (Brisbane, 1996), and, more recently, in leading a major expert review by the Wader Study Group of population estimates and 1% thresholds for all African-Eurasian migratory wader populations. The results of this have been incorporated into the 3rd edition of "Waterbird Population Estimates", launched by Wetlands International at COP8 in November 2002.
Measuring Greenland White-fronted goose©JNCCDavid is, however, so very much more than a "committee man" and author of leviathan syntheses! His long term research investment in Greenland White-fronted Geese is reflected in publications stretching back over 30 years, and his unfailing commitment to the Wader Study Group is proven by his abundant publications and record as a long-standing officer in that organisation. The good news is that his recent contributions to our knowledge of the secretive Spotted Crake confirm a sparkling, youthful and active interest in the unknown. Certainly to see him in action enthusing about the flora of an Icelandic peatland, pondering over the identification of Sphagnum mosses or patiently tending his bee hives at home, is to remind us of his meticulous ability as an outstanding field naturalist, the source of his remarkable commitment to nature conservation.
The new members of the STRP held their first meeting 8 - 11 April 2003 in the Ramsar Bureau headquarters in Switzerland, where they reviewed the Standing Committee's priorities for the work to be requested of them over the next three years and determined how best to proceed from here. More details of the work of the STRP including a full list of members and agenda papers, can be found on the Ramsar website