Nature News 11
Issue 11 featuring key areas of work where JNCC is making a special contribution to nature conservation in the UK, Europe and internationally.


Nature News is a way of keeping you informed of JNCC's national and international conservation work.
The following is a summary of the information that is included in this issue.Image of cover of Nature News 11 

Chairman's Introduction - A State of Change

  • JNCC has set up a company limited by guarantee, a not-for-profit organisation, quite common in the public sector, and is delivering its responsibilities through this company.


High marks for Annual Report

  • JNCC's drive to make its message more accessible to a wider audience received further recognition, with our Annual Report 2004/2005 achieving two major accolades.


Vegetation Adulation

  • A prestigious prize for Britain's best botanical book of the year has been awarded to the six authors of An Illustrated Guide to British Upland Vegetation, published by JNCC.


Sounding off (shore)

  • Mapping the seabed with cutting-edge technology.


Cyber squirrel

  • JNCC acting as Secretariat for the UK Red Squirrel Group is hosting a new website dedicated to improving the links between the local, regional and UK red squirrel groups, and to deliver postitive conservation action for one of the UK's most threatened mammal species.


UK mammals - winners and losers

  • A first for UK mammals: population trends for more than half of all UK species.


Status matters!

  • This year JNCC has produced a new publication series: Species Status. This series is the public face of the Species Status Assessment project.


Share and enjoy!

  • JNCC and the Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat have created the web-based Ecosystem Approach Sourcebook, which provides a tool to implement the ecosystem approach and share experiences from existing projects.


Facts on falling feathers

  • The full results of the JNCC's Seabird Monitoring Programme have just been published in Seabird numbers and breeding success in Britain and Ireland, 2004.
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