Common Standards Monitoring Guidance for Freshwater Fauna
Version - October 2015
This chapter deals with Common Standards Monitoring (CSM) for white-clawed crayfish, freshwater pearl mussel and all freshwater fish species on SSSIs, ASSIs and Special Areas of Conservation (SACs).


 It provides guidance on the identification of attributes, targets and methods of assessment for these species where these are notified or qualifying interest features. Amphibians are included in the Reptiles and Amphibians guidance, the otter is covered by the Terrestrial Mammals guidance, and other freshwater invertebrates are dealt with by the Invertebrates guidance.
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ISSN 1743-8160 (Online)
Please cite as: JNCC, (2015), Common Standards Monitoring Guidance for Freshwater Fauna, Version - October 2015, ISSN 1743-8160 (Online)