Assessments reported on

In total, 12,937 feature assessments carried out between April 1998 and March 2005 were reported.  It is estimated that this number represents 57% of the total of features in the United Kingdom under the various designations (Table 1).  While this falls short of the 100% intended, it nonetheless represents the most comprehensive assessment of the United Kingdom's designated features ever undertaken, and one of the most comprehensive assessments by any country in the European Union.
Table 1. Coverage by site type
  Number of assessments reported Estimate of total to be assessed % coverage achieved
A/SSSI 10,666 18,718 57%
SAC 1,570 2,218 71%
SPA 566 1,252 44%
Ramsar 135 526 26%
Total 12,937 22,714 57%