Nature News 12
Issue 12 of Nature News which features key areas of work where JNCC is making a special contribution to nature conservation in the UK, Europe and internationally.


Nature News is a way of keeping you informed of JNCC's national and international conservation work.
The following is a summary of the information that is included in this issue. Nature news 12 cover

Chairman's Introduction - Going Global

  • Increasingly, the focus of JNCC's work is on nature conservation worldwide.


Wetlands no longer cut and dried

  • The degradation and loss of wetlands is more rapid than that for other ecosystems.


Taking flight for top honour

  • David Stroud (JNCC's Senior Ornithological Adviser) received the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement Waterbird Conservation Award 2005.


UK leads on conservation of sharks and petrels

  • The Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) is the international agreement which enables many countries to take co-ordinated action to conserve migratory species around the world.


Committee briefs

  • Brief biographies for the thirteen members of committee.


Seabed mapping programmes will plug knowledge gaps for new European Marine Directive

  • In October 2005 the European Commission released its proposals for a new Marine Strategy Directive, which will complement the existing Water Framework Directive.


Analysing the clues on Avian Influenza

  • JNCC re-affirms that culling of wild birds is not an appropriate control response for H5N1.


Fossil mammals and birds before the Ice Age

  • A new book published by JNCC charts the evolution of early mammals and birds.


MESHing together

  • MESH partners attend an intercalibration workshop organised by Ifremer.


  • Widespread starvation of seabirds occurred in some of the UK's largest and most renowned colonies around Scotland's north-west coast.


Involving people in geodiversity

  • A short booklet entitled Involving People in Geodiversity has recently been published.
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