Report 272
An Analysis of National Vegetation Classification Survey Data
Hall, J
The woodland section of the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) has been widely used by many people and organisations in Great Britain (and, to a limited extent, in Northern Ireland) since it became available in 1986. As a result, there is a great deal of information concerning the occurrence of woodland types in this country. However, the data is distributed between many organisations and private individuals and, until a database was set up to collate it, was largely unavailable to inquirers. The first report on the database (Hall 1996) described the collection of records and the setting up of the spreadsheet. It also discussed the differences in the methodologies of surveys used to build the database, and when to use quadrats. Since this report was published much new information has been gathered, and preliminary maps of NVC communities and sub-communities produced. These are to be published by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee as The woodland NVC atlas for Great Britain in 1998. This interim report outlines some of the patterns that are emerging, and some of the limitations of our survey data.


A data-base has been produced by the Woodland Lead Conservation Network to collate survey information on the distribution of woodland types classified according to the National Vegetation Classification (NVC).  A separate file contains information on the surveys themselves; how, when, where and by whom they were carried out, and from where the report (where available) can be obtained.  64 sources of information have so far been added to the database.  This has been used to produce distribution maps of NVC communities and sub-communities.  These distributions are compared to those in Rodwell (1991).  Strengths and weaknesses of the NVC as a vegetation classification are discussed and its use as a tool for measuring biodiversity is also examined.
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ISSN 0963-8091
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