Part 3.  Geographic regions




White Pelicans in the Doudj NP Senegal © Sergey Dereliev
A major focus of the conference was a series of workshops on the status of waterbirds and their conservation in different geographical regions.  This gave the opportunity for comparisons around the world.  As well as workshops on regions with a long history of waterbird and wetland conservation such as North America (3.3), particular emphasis was given to ensuring reviews of regions with recently developing activity such as in the Neotropics (3.2), Africa (3.4)Central Asia (3.5), and the East Asia-Pacific flyway (3.6). 
The focus of the workshop on Africa and Eurasia (3.7) related to sustainable use of waterbird resources – one of the central objectives of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement, with which the workshop was linked.
The Arctic (3.1) holds critical importance as the source of all of the major hemispheric waterbird flyways and special attention was given to this region throughout the conference – not just in the geographically related workshop.