Part 5.  Integrated approaches to waterbird conservation




Lake Durankulak on the Bulgarian Black Sea © Sergey Dereliev
For effective conservation, there is a need to integrate a range of processes and approaches, typically at different scales and involving a range of different organisations and ‘stakeholder’ communities. 
Five of the workshops held at the Edinburgh Conference have been grouped under the overall theme of integrated approaches.  These include those related to flyway management for species of conservation concern (5.1); and the problems and processes involved in the current global crisis of declining waterbird populations (5.2) especially at major wetlands of international importance; the central requirement to build ecologically effective networks of protected sites (5.3) at national and international scales.  The need to integrated waterbird conservation policies (5.4) at the differing scales of populations, habitats and landscapes – especially the need to develop policies to complement protected site networks, and the emerging challenge of conservation implementation in the marine environment (5.5) were given particular attention.