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Top honours for JNCC LCN leaders

Phil Boon and Des ThompsonTwo of the chairmen of JNCC’s Lead Coordination Networks (LCNs), which deliver UK and international advice on habitats, have been honoured for their scientific work.
Professor Des Thompson, the Uplands LCN chair, is to be awarded a Doctor of Science (DSc) degree by the University of Nottingham. This is in recognition of his substantial, sustained and original contributions to the advancement of learning, notably in the fields of nature conservation and the ecology of the British uplands.
Dr Phil Boon, the Freshwater LCN chair, was recently made an Honorary Professor by the University of Stirling for his leadership of freshwater conservation issues, most notably his work in support of the Water Framework Directive, which involves close working with colleagues around the UK and in Europe.
Between them, Phil and Des have produced 15 books which include Tundra Plovers; Alpine Biodiversity in Europe; The Fresh Waters of Scotland; and Global Perspectives on River Conservation, and are editors/ editorial Board members of three international journals. They work as Principal Advisers for Scottish Natural Heritage, and share a desire to see more communications within the conservation agencies written in plain English.
Contact file:
Des Thompson
Uplands LCN Chair
Tel: +44 (0) 131 446 2419
Phil Boon
Freshwater LCN Chair
Tel: +44 (0) 131 446 2412