Exporting environmental economics


JNCC gives advice on the UK Overseas Territories


In a break from proceedings, delegates took a low-tide walk on the south-east coast of Jersey ©Diana Mortimer/ JNCC
In October, four staff represented JNCC at Biodiversity that matter: a conference in Jersey on conservation in the UK Overseas Territories and other small island communities.  Organised by the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, with the support of the Overseas Territories Environment Programme (OTEP), the conference was hosted by the Jersey conservation bodies.
During the conference, poster presentations were displayed by JNCC on ‘Sustainability and the Ecosystem Approach’ and ‘Environmental Economics’. There was tremendous enthusiasm among participants to learn about and apply the tools of environmental economics within the context of the ecosystem approach. In particular, the economic valuation of the environment to support effective, integrated and sustainable decision-making in Overseas Territories. 
In response to these needs, and in line with the strategic direction agreed by the Joint Committee, JNCC is establishing a project Environmental Economics with Overseas Territories in the Caribbean in partnership with the Caribbean Overseas Territories, particularly Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Montserrat. The project will enable stakeholders to generate, understand and apply robust information on the value of ecosystem goods and services in the context of making decisions on alternative development and policy options. The long-term goal is that policy and decision making in Caribbean Overseas Territories will reflect the true economic value of the environment and address the root causes of environmental degradation. This should help to implement many of the guiding principles of the Overseas Territories’ Environment Charters and related strategies and action plans.
The project will emphasise capacity building; initially there was particular interest in the economic valuation of the environment in small island contexts. This first stage of tool development is already underway, jointly funded by JNCC and OTEP. There are also plans to organise training workshops and help Overseas Territories to gain practical experience applying environmental economics to local contexts. 
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