Habitats Directive in Poland


Delegation visits JNCC for briefing on Directive
A species which benefits from strict protection in both Poland and the UK is the wildcat (Felis silvestris) © Natural EnglandIn December JNCC hosted a delegation from Polish Ministry of Environment headed by Under-Secretary Andrzej Szweda-Lewandowski. The two day visit to the UK was arranged under the auspices of the UK-Poland twinning project coordinated by Natural England, which included meetings with staff from Natural England, Defra as well as JNCC. The Under-Secretary also met with Defra Minister Barry Gardiner.
The meeting hosted at Monkstone House comprised presentations by Director of Resources and External Affairs, Marcus Yeo on the role and responsibilities of the JNCC; the interpretation and implementation of the EC Habitats Directive given by Wyn Jones, Head of Habitats Advice, and on UK monitoring standards given by James Williams, Reporting and Standards Manager. The delegation were particularly interested in measures taken in the UK to meet obligations under the Directive and a lively discussion was had especially on the issue of protecting and managing Special Areas of Conservation and the reporting of conservation status.  
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