Presentations given at UK Overseas Territories Invasives workshop 28th June 2007

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Overseas Territories Invasive workshop programme
Topic Presented/Chaired by Type of Activity
Introduction and Background Wyn Jones (JNCC) Plenary session
UK invasives work with relevance to OTs Niall Moore (NNSS) Presentation
OTEP overview with reference to invasives Shaun Earl (FCO) Presentation
Prioritising invasives Mike Brooke (Cambridge Uni) Presentation
Strategic prioritisation: How can IAS projects within and between OTs/CDs be prioritised (including eradication and prevention) Wyn Jones Plenary discussion
EU South Atlantic Invasives Project - An overview Clare Miller (RSPB) Presentation

Invasives in the Tropical Atlantic

Karen Varnham Presentation
Case Study: Kews work in the Caribbean Martin Hamilton (RBG Kew) Presentation
Regional work with relevance to OTs Marion Seir (CABI) Presentation
Regional approaches: Discussion of the potential for further regional approaches (especially Caribbean invasives project) building on experience from the previous initiatives Sarah Sanders (RSPB) Plenary discussion
The existing database and recommendations for development (including feedback from OTs) Tara Pelembe (JNCC) Presentation
Using and updating the database, with a work programmed and/or commitment to undertake various tasks Colin Clubbe (RBG Kew) Plenary discussion
Case Study: Gough Island Mice - feasibility study Geoff Hilton (RSPB) Presentation
Case Study: Invasives in the Falkland Islands Alex Jones for Ann Brown (Falklands Conservation)



Case Study: Research on Invasive Vertebrates in the Cayman Islands Brendan Godley (University of Exeter) Presentation
Conclusions of session and way forward (including resources, time frame, actions) Wyn Jones (JNCC) Plenary discussion