UK Overseas Territories & Crown Dependencies
Environmental Impact Assessment Resources


The UK Overseas Territories & Crown Dependencies Steering Group (OTCDSG) for the Training & Research Programme has created this web page as a sign-post for information on environmental impact assessment (EIA) resources for the UK OTs and CDs.

If you would like to add information and links to other environmental impact assessment resources please contact JNCC 


External Resources


Department for International Development

An environmental screening checklist provided by DFID's Overseas Territories Department.


Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment in the UK: Terrestrial, Freshwater and Coastal Environments


UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum

Proceedings from 'Biodiversity That Matters', a conference on 'Conservation in the UK Overseas Territories and other Small Island Communities', held in 2006.


St Helena Government

Information on EIAs in St Helena is available from the St Helena Government website, and includes an EIA procedural manual, and guidelines for applicants seeking development permission.


Cayman Islands Department of Environment

The Cayman Islands Government has made the following EIA resources available:

General Guidelines for the Content of Environmental Assessment Documents (PDF, 18kb).

Process for conducting Environmental Assessment (PDF, 638kb).



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