Nature News Issue 15: Summer 2007
Nature News Issue 15: Summer 2007
Issue 15 of JNCC's newsletter, Nature News, focussing on key areas of the organisations work.


Nature News is a way of keeping you informed of JNCC's national and international conservation work.
The following is a summary of the information that is included in this issue. 
Nature News Issue 15 cover

Chairman's Intro

  • Introduction by JNCC's Chairman, Adrian Darby OBE


Making a big difference in Small Islands

  • JNCC publishes an Environmental Economics Toolkit


The full story and pictures

  • JNCC's Annual Report 2006/2007 is now available


Cycle to work scheme

  • Coinciding with Bike Week (16-24 June), JNCC was delighted to announce the availability of a Government-approved scheme open to its employees


New challenge for plants

  • Plant Diversity Challenge update


Offshore comes to the fore

  • JNCC working to identify SACs in UK offshore waters


Landslides for JNCC

  • Mass Movements in Great Britain, Volume 33 of the GCR series, published


Getting real on greenhouse gases

  • The links between Climate Change and Biodiversity


CITES CoP14 at The Hague

  • JNCC advise Defra-led delegation on scientific issues relating to fauna


Candid canyon camera captures coral

  • JNCC's Marine Team conduct a survey to explore the deep underwater canyons at the edge of the continental shelf


MESH seabed success

  • MESH Project Partners, led by JNCC, organise international conference


Action on overseas invaders

  • Workshop on invasive species in the UK Overseas Territories


"Mind the gaps" urge biodiversity experts

  • Efforts to improve coordination of biodiversity research as JNCC provides Secretariat for UKBRAG


A touch of habitat classification

  • The European context of British lowland grasslands report


Mammal pilots on trail!

  • 2007 update of the Tracking Mammals Partnership


Biodiversity - climate interactions: adaptation, mitigation and human livelihoods

  • Meeting investigates opportunities to maximise ecosystem management to benefit climate change, biodiversity and human well-being


Updating the register

  • Seabird database gets a facelift after 21 years


Data analysis for the birds

  • JNCC presents overview of seabird monitoring in Europe at International Conference 


Conservation Conversation

  • Q & A with independent Committee member Professor Michael Usher 






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