Inshore SACs with Marine Components


SACs in territorial waters (within 12 nautical miles of the coast) are identified by the relevant country conservation agency, and co-ordinated and submitted to Government by JNCC.
Where a SAC crosses the 12 nautical mile boundary, if it lies more than 90% in territorial waters, it will be progressed by the relevant country conservation agency. Sites that are between 10 and 90% in territorial waters will be progressed jointly by the relevant country conservation agency and JNCC.
In the UK, inshore SACs are designated under the Habitats Regulations. These are the same regulations that support the designation and management of terrestrial and freshwater SACs.
There are 90 SACs with marine components in territorial waters. There are also 9 SACs that straddle inshore and offshore waters. A shapefile of these sites is available.
More information on SACs in the territorial waters of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is available on the country
conservation agency websites.

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