UK Biodiversity Action Plan Broad Habitats

This classification was developed as part of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. The list of Broad Habitats that was published in the UK Steering Group report in 1995 has been subject to a recent review to ensure that the whole of the land surface of the UK and the surrounding sea to the edge of the continental shelf is covered. This has resulted in a revised list of 27 Broad Habitats.
JNCC has published guidance on the interpretation of Broad Habitats. This report contains the definitions for each of the terrestrial and freshwater types of the biodiversity Broad Habitat Classification. The definitions given are based upon the descriptions agreed by the UK Biodiversity Group and published in volume two of the second tranche of action plans (UK Biodiversity Group 1998b). In addition to the definitions, annex 1 of this report contains tables which show the correspondence between these broad habitat types and a number of other standard habitat classifications and select lists of habitats of conservation interest commonly used in the UK for collecting and reporting data.
The Broad Habitats are the framework through which the Government is committed to meet its obligations for monitoring in the wider countryside. The Countryside Survey 2000 published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) provides information of the extent and quality of some of the more widespread Broad Habitats.