MESH Final Products


The MESH project set out to deliver 11 final products - our key deliverables:


  • The first collated and harmonised map of seabed habitats for the north-west Europe INTERREG-IIIB Area, presented in a Geographical Information System (GIS) according to the European Environment Agency's European EUNIS habitat classification system and the EC Habitats Directive types. MESH webGIS.
  • Accompanying maps indicating the quality of mapping information in relation to its accuracy and precision at different scales of resolution. MESH Confidence Assessment Tool
  • A metadata catalogue of seabed mapping studies for north-west Europe, holding details on the location of each study, the mapping techniques employed and the range of data and end products generated. MESH Metadata Catalogue
  • The first large-scale evaluation of the practical application of the EEA's EUNIS habitat classification and recommendations for its modification or improvement for mapping studies.
  • A set of internationally agreed protocols and standards for marine habitat mapping. This will include guidance on mapping strategies, standards for undertaking remote-sensing and ground-truthing surveys for intertidal and subtidal mapping using a variety of techniques, and protocols for data storage, interpretation and presentation.  MESH Guide to Marine Habitat Mapping 
  • A series of new mapping studies that will have tested, evaluated and help improve the mapping protocols and standards, and provide data for other actions in the project. Survey Reports & MESH Survey Database.
  • Models for the prediction of habitat type, based on physical and hydrographic information within different habitat areas and water depths.  Modelling
  • Case studies that will demonstrate the political, economic and environmental use of marine habitat maps for spatial planning and management at local through to international scales.  Case Study Library
  • A web site providing wide access to the products of the project, including interactive GIS seabed maps for north-west Europe. MESH website and MESH webGIS
  • National networks of habitat mapping practitioners and end-users in management, regulatory and planning authorities.  Stakeholder Network
  • A framework within each country for the continued collation and improvement of habitat maps at national level and their compilation and aggregation at an international level.  MESH Follow-on strategy


WebGIS image © MESH


Image from the MESH WebGIS showing seabed sediments and bathymetry.