The territory of Gibraltar falls into the following two EU biogeographic regions: Mediterranean and Marine Mediterranean.  The other areas covered by the UK's report under Article 17 are the Atlantic and Marine Atlantic Biogeographic Regions.
A separate general report for Gibraltar has been produced i.e. this is distinct from the general report covering the Atlantic/marine Atlantic region. 
The reporting format set by the European Commission requires assessment of the conservation status of each habitat on Annex I of the Directive and each species on Annex II of the Directive.  The habitats and species occuring in Gibraltar  for which the UK has responsibility are listed in the table below. 
Code Species
S1310 Miniopterus schreibersi (Kuhl)
S1224 Caretta caretta (Linnaeus)
S1227 Chelonia mydas
S1349 Tursiops truncatus (Montagu)1
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Code Habitat
H1170 Reefs1
H1240 Vegetated sea cliffs of the Macaronesian coasts (flora endemic to these coasts)
H2220 Dunes with Euphorbia terracina
H2230 Malcolmietalia dune grasslands
H5230 Matorral with Laurus nobilis
H5320 Low formations of euphorbia close to cliffs
H8210 Vegetated calcareous inland cliffs with casmophytic vegetation1
H8310 Caves not open to the public1
H8330 Submerged or partly submerged sea caves1
H9320 Olea and Ceratonia forests
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1The report covers both the Mediterranean and Atlantic Biogeographic Regions