Habitat Management search





Habitat Management on the Web is a search engine designed for people who want to find out how best to manage habitats in the UK for biodiversity and conservation. 


It is similar to a standard internet search, but it only searches web pages which have been pre-selected to take you to the most useful sources.  It will not completely exclude irrelevant ‘hits’, but we hope it will guide you more quickly to the best management guidance.  It only finds information which has been published on-line – papers and books are not covered.


For more information about the scope and contents of the engine, see Chart 1: scope and progress of Habitat Management on the web Google custom search.

For information about how we identified sites for the engine to search, see Chart 2: Finding, loading and testing URLs for Habitat Management on the web Google custom search

For more technical information about how we refined the pages to search, see Chart 3: outline process of selecting URLs for Habitat Management on the web Google custom search


The search engine has been developed by JNCC with advice from habitat specialists in Natural Resources Wales (formerly Countryside Council for Wales), Natural England, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, and Scottish Natural Heritage.