Contingency Planning


Coastal and Marine Resource Atlas (CAMRA)


The Coastal and Marine Resource Atlas (CAMRA) is a website tool used for maritime contingency planning and response. By following the online tutorial users can access environmental and other resource datasets covering the UK marine areas and continental shelf.


The SeaAlarm Foundation


The Sea Alarm Foundation is an initiative by individuals and organisations involved in spills where birds and mammals became oiled. Under the umbrella of Sea Alarm constructive steps have been taken to involve those parties with a degree of responsibility during oil spills (including wildlife responders, relevant government agencies, international government and non-governmental organisations [NGOs], and leading parties in industry) in a setting up a strategic programme of action. It is in dialogue with all these parties that Sea Alarm has taken the role of facilitator to improve the state of preparedness throughout Europe. Results from Sea Alarm's work are increasingly applicable on a global scale.




PREMIAM is a Defra funded project running for 3 years (2009-12) and is being coordinated by emergency response and impact assessment experts from Cefas (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science). It has wide support from all important government stakeholders and will fully engage the scientific and emergency response community in delivering its aims. A major deliverable of the PREMIAM programme will be a set of guidelines to ensure best practice is followed for post spill monitoring and impact assessment. It will be compiled by recognised experts in the field and the exact content will be developed over the coming period with delivery scheduled by the end of 2010.


Oiled Wildlife Information Website


The Oiledwildlife website is a central source of information for authorities, responders and individuals that are involved, or have an interest, in oiled wildlife response and wildlife contingency planning. The website collates all relevant documents, background information, news updates and links, and makes them easily accessible.