Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Ecosystem Services in the UK Overseas Territories



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In 2008, JNCC launched a series of outreach materials focussed on climate change in the UKOTs at a conference on the European Union and its Oversea Entities, which addressed climate change and biodiversity loss.


The materials looked at why climate change matters for UKOTs, the science behind climate change, the potential impacts, and action that can be taken.


The documents form part of a series on climate change in the UK Overseas Territories prepared by the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute for JNCC. They were funded by the Overseas Territories Environment Programme (OTEP) with assistance from the Commonwealth Foundation. Documents in the series include:


In addition there are 2 videos on climate change in the UKOTs.



These have been designed so that they can be shown independently, and therefore share the same 1min 30s introduction.

Part 1 Impacts of Climate change on OTs.


Part 2 Mitigation & Adaptation





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