Why Climate Change Matters for UKOTs

Low-lying coastal areas in UKOTs are vulnerable to the threat of rising sea levels © Charles SheppardClimate change is real and considered to be the greatest threat facing humanity.


Though disparate, the UKOTs are all very vulnerable  to the effects of climate change. Several of the ecosystems found in the UKOTs, such as mangroves and coral reefs in the Caribbean and Pacific, sea ice biomes in the Antarctic, and Mediterranean-type ecosystems, are among those that the IPCC has identified as “most vulnerable” and “virtually certain to experience the most severe ecological impacts” of climate change.


In addition, the UKOTs, with the exception of the British Antarctic Territory and Gibraltar, are small islands, and small islands are expected to experience some of the most severe impacts of increasing temperatures.



The heightened vulnerability of the UKOTs to the effects of climate change requires urgent action.

“…the UKOTs are very vulnerable to the effects of climate change.”

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