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This information in this website is produced by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee with funding from the Overseas Territories Environment Programme (OTEP). It is published with assistance from the Commonwealth Foundation. Thank you to everyone who contributed in different ways toward the publication.


Lead author:     Nicole A. Brown

CANARI team:  Sarah McIntosh, Leslie Walling, Owen Day, Leigh Morton, Alex McCaffery


Editorial/Steering Committee:

Tara Pelembe (JNCC)

Diana Mortimer (JNCC)

Deborah Procter (JNCC)

Karen Dickenson (JNCC)

Gina Ebanks-Petrie (Director, Department of Environment Cayman Islands)

Jack Ward (Director, Department of Conservation Services, Bermuda)

Susanna Musick (Director, Department of Conservation, Ascension Island)

Elaine Kendall (Defra)
Jean-Phillipe Palasi (IUCN)

Sarah Sanders (RSPB)



Timothy Austin (Cayman Islands Government), Tom Boden (CDIAC), Rob Bowman (Foreign and Commonwealth Office), Dr Barbara Carby (Cayman Islands Government), Darren Christie (Government of South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands), Rhon A. Connor (Government of Anguilla), Athena Dinar (British Antarctic Survey), Corinda Essex (St. Helena Government), Steven Freeman, AM-Sciences, James Glass (Tristan da Cunha Government), Lisa Greene (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo), Mike Halpert (NOAA), Karim V. D. Hodge (Government of Anguilla), Kevin Hughes (British Antarctic Survey), Andy Holbrook (Cayman Islands Government), Lisa-Ann Hurlston (Cayman Islands Government), Gordon Liddle (University of Dundee), Jeremy Madeiros (Bermuda Department of Conservation Services), Farah Mukhida (Anguilla National Trust), Grant Munro (Falklands Conservation), Helen Otley (Falkland Islands Government), Louise Quarrell (Impetus Consulting),  Professor Charles Sheppard (University of Warwick), Vince Thompson (St. Helena National Trust), Melinda Tignor (IPCC).



Funded by Overseas Territories Environment Programme.