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British Virgin Islands


JNCC works collaboratively with the British Virgin Islands primarily through the  Conservation and Fisheries Department, Government of the British Virgin Islands.



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Find out the latest news on environment in the British Virgin Islands  from  the website of the Conservation and Fisheries Department, Government of the British Virgin Islands.





Funded participation in International conferences/workshops


JNCC is able to support the OTs and CDs with funding to attend international conferences and workshops.


Caribbean regional hub


The Caribbean Regional Hub is an online network that JNCC supports which facilitates professional communities with an interest in combating invasive species, climate change and preserving biodiversity in the Caribbean.

The long term objective of the Hub is to bring together ideas, people, projects, experience, expertise, funds and common resources.


Other areas of support and advice


JNCC also provides support and advice to Overseas Territories in a number of other areas at the request of the UKOT Governments. These areas include economic valuation, climate change, invasive species, accessing funding and multilateral environmental agreements.


Blue Turtle Award

JNCC runs an annual Blue Turtle Award. People are encouraged to nominate Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies groups or individuals who are 'making a difference'.


More information

2011 Geoconservation in the Overseas Territories of the UK by M. Stanley.

The European Commission's OCT Environmental Profiles - these environmental profiles are set in a socio-economic, developmental perspective so that the findings can be used to assist in programming projects in the
framework of the 10th European Development Fund (EDF).

Amphibians and Reptiles of the UK OTs, CDs and SBAs: Species inventory and overview of conservation and research priorities by Paul Edgar of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust.

More information on Climate change impacts in the Caribbean OTs.

Environmental Education resources on Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.

2009 Implications of climate change for Biodiversity in the UK Overseas Territories by J.P. McWilliams.

2007 Environmental Economics in the Overseas Territories.

2006 Non-native species in the Overseas Territories a Review by Karen Varnham.

2005 Review of Ramsar sites in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies by Dr Mike Pienkowski.

1999 snapshot of Biodiversity in the British Virgin Islands edited by Dr Vin Fleming and Deborah Procter JNCC.



The British Virgin Islands are a member of the Training and Research Programme Steering Group which drives the direction of the OT Training and Research Programme.


Research Priorities 2011


JNCC asks the OTs and CDs for information about their top 3 research priorities each year via members of the OT and CD Training and Research Programme Steering Group. These priorities are used to inform a number of funding decisions including the JNCC Research Contributions.




JNCC is  able to support the OTs and CDs with funding to attend environmental training courses.




Greening the Economy towards sustainable development for the BVI

Report of the workshop held at the Treasure Isle Hotel, Road Town, Tortola, on 22nd and 23rd February 2012. This was prepared by the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI).

The goal of the workshop was to provide a wider grouping of stakeholders with a forum to
consider recommendations to implement environmental mainstreaming in the BVI. The
objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Share experiences and lessons learned on environmental mainstreaming;
  • Identify gaps and barriers to the implementation of environmental mainstreaming; and to
  • Identify short, medium and long term key actions for environmental mainstreaming.


Press coverage of the conference held between Febraury 22nd to 24th, at Treasure Island Hotel on the British Virgin Islands. Sponsored by FCO and JNCC, the conference discussed better understanding of the economic value of BVI's natural environment and to encourage more strategic decision making.
Virgin Islands News Online: Businesses seen as key element for Greening Economy
Virgin Islands Platinum News: Pickering Issues Challenge To Local Businesses

Also the FCO blog of BVI Governor Boyd McCleary - Protecting the golden goose: sustainable development for the BVI

Lion fish control Project

In 2010, for the International Year of Biodiversity, the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), has funded a series of invasive species projects across the UK Overseas Territories. This has been coordinated by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. Project activities on the British Virgin Islands were


  • Training of key personnel at a training facility on the biology, behaviour, capture and mitigation techniques for lionfish
  • Travel and subsistence costs for training. Effective training in capture techniques at a location where lionfish are prevalent
  • Purchase of capture equipment stock (nets, gloves, bags, weights, markers,  etc)
  • Introduction workshop. Educational 1 day workshops for Government, media houses, local fisherman, dive operators, charter companies and general public on lionfish (ecology, mitigation measures, etc)
  • Public awareness. Information brochures, signage, public service announcements about lionfish




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