Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) of Akrotiri and Dhekeli


JNCC works collaboratively with the Sovereign Base Areas of Cyprus primarily through the Ministry of Defence in Cyprus.


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FInd out the latest news on environment in the Sovereign Base Areas Cyprus from  the website of the Ministry of Defence in Cyprus.



Funded participation in International conferences/workshops


JNCC is able to support the OTs/CDs with funding to attend international conferences and workshops. More information.


Other areas of support and advice


JNCC also provides support and advice to Overseas Territories in a number of other areas at the request of the UKOT Governments. These areas include economic valuation, climate change, invasive species, accessing funding and multilateral environmental agreements.


Blue Turtle Award

JNCC runs an annual Blue Turtle Award. People are encouraged to nominate Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies groups or individuals who are 'making a difference'.


Akrotiri Environmental Education and Information Centre -Sovereign Base Area Cyprus was nominated for the 2010 Blue Turtle Award for making a significant contribution to the promotion of conservation values in Cyprus since 2004.


More information

Amphibians and Reptiles of the UK OTs, CDs and SBAs: Species inventory and overview of conservation and research priorities by Paul Edgar of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust.

Climate change impacts in the Mediteranean Overseas Territories.

Environmental Education resources on Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.

2009 Implications of climate change for Biodiversity in the UK Overseas Territories by J.P. McWilliams.

2007 Environmental Economics in the Overseas Territories.

2006 Non-native species in the Overseas Territories a Review by Karen Varnham.

2005 Review of Ramsar sites in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies by Dr Mike Pienkowski.

1999 snapshot of Biodiversity in the Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus edited by Dr Vin Fleming and Deborah Procter JNCC.




Training and Research Programme Steering Group


SBA Cyprus is a member of the Training and Research Programme Steering Group which drives the direction of the OT Training and Research Programme.


Research Priorities 2011


JNCC asks the OTs and CDs for information about their top 3 research priorities each year (via members of the OT and CD Training and Research Programme Steering Group. These priorities are used to inform a number of funding decisions including the JNCC Research Contributions.




JNCC is  able to support the OTs and CDs with funding to attend environmental training courses.


JNCC has supported 5-7 people from the SBA Cyprus Environment Department to attend a 2 training courses on practical turtle conservation in June and August 2010.



Estimation of the breeding successof Eleonora's falcon (Falco eleonorae) in Cyprus


This project aims at estimating the breeding success of Eleonora’s falcon within the British Sovereign Bases Areas of Cyprus. The estimation will be undertaken during the 2013 breeding season. To have a complete estimate of breeding success, counts will include all the stages of breeding i.e. breeding pairs, number of eggs laid and hatched, and number of nestlings fledged.



Acacia Control Project


In 2010, for the International Year of Biodiversity, the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), has funded a series of invasive species projects across the UK Overseas Territories. This has been coordinated by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. Project activities on Sovereign Base Cyprus focussed on the Mapping distribution of Acacia in SBAs, planning and implementing removal programme.