Nature News Issue 18: Summer 2008
Issue 18 of JNCC's newsletter Nature News. Focusing on the organisation's national and international conservation work.


Nature News is a way of keeping you informed of JNCC's national and international conservation work.
Cover of Nature News Issue 18 Summer 2008
The following is a summary of the information that is included in this issue:
  • Introduction by JNCC's Chair, Peter Bridgewater.
  • The draft Bill sets out a series of wideranging proposals that aim to implement a sustainable approach to the management of human activities and deliver environmental protection.


  • JNCC's Annual Report 2007/2008 is now available
  • The 2006 results from the Seabird Monitoring Programme, which is co-ordinated by JNCC in partnership with several organisations, have just been published.
  • The contribution that Geoconservation Manager Neil Ellis has made to geological conservation has been recognised by the Council of the Geological Society of London.
  • This year, JNCC has played a lead role in developing a mechanism for assessing the state of seabird communities in the North-East Atlantic.
  • The Ramsar Convention Standing Committee has presented the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award and Evian Special Prize for 2008 in the category ‘science’ to Joint Committee member David Pritchard.
  • On 28 May this year England, Scotland and Wales launched the Invasive Non-Native Species Framework Strategy for Great Britain, the first co-rdinated plan to reduce the threat to Britain’s native biodiversity from invasive non-native species.
  • In April, JNCC Chair Peter Bridgewater was a speaker at an IUCN UK Committee seminar (to which JNCC provides the secretariat) for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wildlife and Conservation.


  • In July, JNCC participated in a conference entitled “The European Union (EU) and its Overseas Entities: strategies to counter climate change and biodiversity loss.”


  • JNCC’s Environmental Management team has kicked off 2008 in style.
  • The theme of this year’s conference was Deep-sea marine benthic habitats and high seas Marine Protected Areas.
  • The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is one of the threeglobal conventions born out of the Rio summit in 1992.

Martyn Ibbotson

  • Martyn Ibbotson was tragically killed in a road-traffic accident in London on the evening of 9 June 2008.



  • an update on progress


Building the evidence base for the future

  • Biodiversity surveillance is a large and complex area, with many organisations providing a very wide range of data and information.


Green Week reception

  • An evening with Pavan Sukhdev


  • In this issue we focus on Professor Lynda Warren, Deputy Chair and independent Joint Committee member
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