Surveillance schemes


National censuses of breeding seabirds

Three complete censuses of seabirds at their breeding colonies in Britain and Ireland have been carried out: Operation Seafarer; the Seabird Colony Register (SCR) Census; and Seabird 2000. The fourth, Seabirds Count, started collecting data in 2015 and will be continuing to do so until the end of the 2019 breeding season.


Seabird Monitoring Programme

The Seabird Monitoring Programme (SMP) is an annual monitoring programme, established in 1986, of 25 species of seabird, at a sample of breeding colonies throughout the UK and Ireland.



JNCC’s Seabirds At Sea Team (SAST) has carried out surveys of inshore waters since the winter of  2000/01, primarily using aerial surveys.  The aim of these surveys is to collect up-to-date, detailed data on the numbers and distribution of wintering aggregations of seaduck, divers and grebes.

Seabirds at Sea

The JNCC Seabirds At Sea Team (SAST) has carried out a programme of surveys and research on seabirds in the marine environment in the north-east Atlantic since 1979, and in the south-west Atlantic between 1998 and 2002.