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Seabird Population Trends and Causes of Change: 1986-2012 Report. Here we present the latest analysed trends in abundance, productivity, demographic parameters and diet, from the Seabird Monitoring Programme, along with interpretive text on likely causes of change based on latest research. It replaces and builds upon the now discontinued publication Seabird numbers and breeding success in Britain and Ireland (see below).



The leaflet UK Seabirds in 2008 presents results from the Seabird Monitoring Programme up to 2008 and provides an assessment of the pressures seabirds face. Note: this edition covers both 2007 and 2008. The next issue, to feature an updated pressures assessment, synthesising the latest research, is scheduled for publication in 2013. Earlier editions are also available for download.








Seabird numbers and breeding success in Britain and Ireland, a summary of monitoring results at major colonies throughout the British Isles, was produced annually between 1990 and 2006, available for download. The 2006 edition of the report is the last paper version to be published; latest results from the SMP sre now avialable as Seabird Population Trends and Causes of Change (see above).








  • Annual reports of the detailed population monitoring at the 'key sites' of Canna, Isle of May, Fair Isle and Skomer are individually published; recent editions are available for download via the respective links.


Seabird colony data have also been used in several other projects - for reports and further information follow the links below:









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