Submit seabird colony data


Submit count data of breeding seabirds

Please submit whole colony data via the Seabird Monitoring Programme Online Database. Online recording will allow us to more efficiently record, collate and report upon seabird count data - and it saves paper!

If you are unable to submit data online, please download the colony count data form (70 kb), complete and return to us as an  attachment.


Submit monitoring plot count data

If you have monitored a sample plot rather than whole colony, please complete the plot count form and return to us as an attachment.


Download monitoring plot count form (23 kb) 


Submit breeding success data 

If you want to submit breeding sucess data please do so via the  Seabird Monitoring Programme Online Database.


If you are unable to submit data online, please download the relevant form, complete and return to us as an  attachment.


Download breeding success form (23 kb) for gulls and terns (note: if submitting only counts, please use one of the methods under 'Submit count data of breeding seabirds', above)


Download breeding success form (24 kb) for northern fulmar, common guillemot and razorbill


Download breeding success form (24 kb) for species which construct a nest (e.g. northern gannet, great cormorant, European shag and black-legged kittiwake)



If you are unable to return forms electronically, please post them to the Seabird Colony Team,
JNCC, Inverdee House, Baxter Street, Aberdeen, AB11 9QA.

Guidance on seabird monitoring methods

Before conducting seabird fieldwork, please consult the guidelines for monitoring methods.