The current UK distribution of EC Habitats Directive interest features


Following the submission of the UKs 3rd report under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive in 2013 we have been able to update our information on the current status and distribution of interest features listed under the



For each habitat and species for which the UK has submitted SACs, a map of the current UK distribution is presented together with a link to further information from the Article 17 Report. The current UK distribution maps for each feature can be compared with the distribution of Special Areas for Conservation hosting the feature.


This information replaces the information recorded in the following JNCC publication:

Jackson, D.L. & McLeod, C.R. (Editors), (2000), Handbook on the UK status of EC Habitats Directive interest features: provisional data on the UK distribution and extent of Annex I habitats and the UK distribution and population size of Annex II species, Revised 2002, JNCC Report 312, 180 pages, ISSN 0963 8091


This publication was until September 2008 available as a set of interactive web pages. The information on these pages have now been removed and replaced by an archive copy of JNCC report 312. This is presented in the form of a fully interactive spreadsheet and a supporting explanatory PDF.


The replacement web pages should no longer be referred to as JNCC report 312, though they can be used for similar purposes – ie to see a map of the current UK distribution of each interest feature and to compare the UK distribution maps to the distribution of the SACs hosting each feature. The revised UK distribution maps (2013) often differ from the Report 312 (2002) maps. In some case this represents “real world change” but in many cases it reflects new data sources or new interpretations of existing data sources.  Many of these changes are discussed in some detail in the habitat/species accounts submitted as part of our Report under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive. Note that the 2013 update is the second update of the original habitat and species distribution information. The first update in 2008 was done using information from the 2nd Report under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive. The 2013 Update is based on the 3rd Report as submitted by the UK to the EU in October 2013.


Last updated:  30 January 2014

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