Marine Survey


JNCC has dedicated survey teams working on the collation of existing survey data and the co-ordination of new surveys to enhance our knowledge of the marine environment to support JNCC's provision of evidence and advice.


Bathymetry profile created using the 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis tool 'Fledermaus', from acoustic data collected onboard the RV Celtic Explorer during the collaborative MESH offshore seabed survey CE0705 at SW Approaches © JNCC 2007 


JNCC undertake a variety of different  marine surveys including offshore seabed surveys and inshore diving surveys. JNCC recognise the advantages of working collaboratively in the marine environment to reduce costs (offshore surveys, for example, can cost many thousands of pounds per day) and benefit from shared knowledge and expertise. We work collaboratively with a large number of organisations including the British Geological Survey, University of Plymouth, Cefas, the country conservation agencies and many more. If you are interested in collaborating or learning more about our survey programmes please contact us.


Deploying a camera sledge off the back of the RV Cefas Endeavour during CEND1014 offshore seabed survey at Dogger Bank (left); a surveyor recording from a quadrat on a circalittoral transect at East of the Skerries during an inshore diving survey (right), both images © JNCC 2014.

The team from the SW Approaches 2007 MESH collaborative survey CE0705 on board the RV Celtic Explorer © Neil Golding/JNCC 2007.

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