Nature News Issue 19: Winter 2009
Nature news 19 reviews the work carried out in marine, Overseas Territories, the Global Environment and covers the first offshore SACs


Nature News is a way of keeping you informed of JNCC's national and international conservation work.
Front cover of Nature News Issue 19
The following is a summary of the information that is included in this issue:
  • Introduction by JNCC's Chair, Peter Bridgewater

Conserving albatrosses and petrels

  • Albatrosses and petrels face a range of threats both on land and at sea

Working in Europe to protect biodiversity in the UK and beyond

  • The objectives of our European work focus on achieving long-term nature conservation benefits in the UK, the EU and beyond

Fundraising for the Overseas Territories

  • Dr Nikki Chapman has recently been appointed the Overseas Territories Fundraising Officer

Human well-being and ecosystem management

  • At its annual meeting BES jointly hosted a special session on ecosystem services with BRAG

The UK economy: the global environment

  • Impacts - responsibilities - actions

First offshore SACs

  • The Secretary of State formally sent five  offshore SACs to the European Commission in September


Seabird survey at the Jones Bank, Celtic Sea

  • A group of scientists visited the Jones Bank

Seabed survey surprises

  • JNCC's offshore seabed survey programme has been in action throughout the year

Climate adaptation is key

  • Enhancing capacity in the Caribbean UK Overseas Territories


Rock of ages, clefts for all

  • Lewisian, Torridonian and Moine rocks of Scotland - Volumn 34 of the GCR Series

The Odonata Red Data List for Great Britain


Cambridge and Peterborough Travel Plan Awards

  • JNCC joined BAS and PECT in being awarded Step 4 in the TravelChoice and Travel for Work Cambridgeshire Awards


National Heathland Conference 2008

  • Managing heathlands in the face of climate change


Conservation Conservation

  • In this issue we focus on John Goold, JNCC's Director of Marine, based in the Aberdeen Office







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