Recorder 2002


Recorder 2002 is a biological record collection, collation and reporting package developed by JNCC to help people manage their data and easily contribute it to the NBN Gateway. Recorder 2000 was released in September 2000 as a replacement for the DOS based Recorder 3 and was further augmented through extensive consultation with users to produce Recorder 2002.
Recorder 2002 embodies a number of key NBN standards and concepts ranging from metadata standards, a taxon dictionary and model licences for the exchange of data. It also allows scheme organisers to define their own standard terms, recording cards and locations to help in the collation and management of records from a number of recorders and provides access to maps of 1:50,000 within Recorder. Recorder 2002 was widely adopted across the community but suffered from a restriction in the amount of data it could hold (up to around 1.3 million records). For many of the major collators across the community this was not enough and in 2004 a further phase of the project was launched to develop Recorder 6 which would effectively allow users to collate limitless numbers of records.
The development of Recorder 6, with its greatly enhanced functionality, has replaced Recorder 2002 and as a result no further updates have been, or will be, issued for Recorder 2002 (software or species dictionary). To benefit from the range of features available in Recorder 6 you can simply transfer your data from Recorder 2002. There is a recently updated document 'Guidance on transferring data from Recorder 2002 to Recorder 6' to assist with this process and additionally approved experts can provide both Recorder 6 and any technical support that may be required.
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