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Recorder 3

The original version of Recorder (now known as Recorder 3) was developed in the late 1980s by the Nature Conservancy Council (NCC) and made generally available in 1992. In the mid 1990s the package was externally reviewed and considered a success. However, the review identified a need to redevelop Recorder on a more modern database platform as opposed to the DOS based technology of the original version as this was becoming obsolete.
Recorder has been redeveloped twice since the original Recorder 3, firstly in 2000 (Recorder 2000 with an upgrade to Recorder 2002) and more recently as Recorder 6. Updates and improvements to both Recorder 3 and Recorder 2000/2 are no longer provided and users are encouraged to upgrade to Recorder 6 which is being continually improved and enhanced and contains new functionality and features as well as a regularly updated species dictionary. In order to upgrade to Recorder 6 a data transfer is required. To assist with data transfers there is documentation available, a specific bulk transfer addin or further technical expertise can be sought from an approved expert.
Old Recorder forum
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