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Recorder 2002 Addins


Recorder Addins are Microsoft COM objects (written in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ etc.) that provide additional functionality alongside the main Recorder application. Addins are implemented as .ocx or sometimes .dll, but may also be supplied with a small number of other files (such as .bmp or .mdb files for example). All files supplied with an addin MUST be saved in the same directory as the .ocx or .dll file to successfully install.

The most up to date addins for Recorder 2002 are available to download from this page. To check the version number of any addin currently installed open Recorder 2002 and go to Tools - Install Add-In Module. The version number of each addin is displayed in the 'Description' field for each addin selected. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Recorder 2002 and already have a copy of an addin installed, you should uninstall the old version first (see instructions below) before installing the new one. To download each addin click on the links below.

To uninstall existing addins:

  • Open Recorder 2002 and go to Tools - Install - Add-in Module...
  • Select the addin you would like to remove and then click the [Remove] button
  • Click [Yes] to confirm or [No] to cancel
  • If you are replacing the addin with a new version you will need to delete the .ocx and all other files related to that particular addin in the Recorder 2002/Addins folder


To install an addin:

  • Download the relevant zip file to your desktop or addins folder and unzip
  • Open Recorder 2002 and go to Tools - Install - Add-in Module...
  • Click on the [Install] button and browse to the relevant .ocx or .dll file and click [Open]
  • A message should then be displayed to say 'The following addin has been successfully installed...'



Download File Version Description
Bulk Load Addin v2.0.0.9 Can be used to import multiple map tiles in .GSF format into Recorder's mapping system. After installation, a new option "Bulk load maps" appears in the Maps menu. When you select this option, a standard Windows file open dialog appears. Select the GSF files you want to load (the dialog allows multiple files to be selected) and press [Open]. The files will be loaded into Recorder.


The cut-in and cut-out scales used to load the selected sheets are controlled by an INI file which is installed in the \Recorder2002\Addins directory (MapTools.ini). Edit this file BEFORE loading map sheets if you want to change these settings. They are initially set as follows: CutInScale=1:250,000, CutOutScale=1:2,500
CIS Export Addin v2.0.0.3 Used to export in a format that can be loaded into CIS. After installation, a new option "CIS Export" appears in the "Export type" list in the Export dialog box. Selecting this option exports a ".dat" file which can be loaded by CIS version 6.
Go To Grid Control Addin v2.0.0.16 Used to pan the map so that it is centred on a given grid reference. When the addin is installed, a new edit box and button appear in the bottom margin of the Map Window. Type a grid reference in the edit box and press [Return], or click the button, and the map will be redrawn so that it is centred at the grid reference specified. The scale at which it is drawn is not affected. You will be prompted to select the base map you want to use.
Go To Key Addin v2.0.0.1 Displays a given record in Recorder 6 by typing its 16-character identifier. After installation, a new option "GoTo Key" appears in the Tools menu. When you select this option, a dialog will open with an edit box into which a 16-character key can be typed or pasted and a drop-down box indicating which window it applies to. Options include:
  • Survey
  • Survey event
  • Sample
  • Taxon occurrence
  • Biotope occurrence
  • Location
  • Organisation
  • Individual
  • Document
  • Taxon (taxon_list_item_key)
  • Biotope (biotope_list_item_key)
  • Admin area
Click the "OK" button. Recorder 2002 will open the appropriate window (or bring it to
the top if it is open already) and show the relevant record. You will see a message if
the key you typed cannot be found.
Last Key Update Addin v2.0.0.4 Updates the LAST_KEY table in the database. After installation, a new option "Update Last Key" appears in the Tools menu. Select this item and the table will be updated. You will see the names of files appear in the status bar and a progress bar will be displayed. The process will take a minute or two.

Recorder stores a counter in the LAST_KEY table which it uses to generate NBN-Keys. A new key is generated by concatenating the SiteID of this copy of Recorder with the value held in LAST_KEY for the table in question and the value is incremented when the new row is saved.
If this ever gets out of sync (for example if information was imported directly into a table in the database without using Recorder) then the next time you try to make a new entry you may get an error because a row with the key generated already exists in the target table.

This addin fixes such problems. It checks each table in the database and finds the maximum running value that has actually been used and updates the LAST_KEY table entry if necessary.
SQL Reports Addin v0.3.7.79 This makes SQL queries stored in the main database (nbndata.mdb) available to users to provide simple to use predefined reports. This allows queries which produce statistics and crosstabulations (which the Report Wizard cannot generate). The user may be prompted to enter parameters (e.g. names, grid squares, dates) and/or to supply lists of keys from a rucksack. The addin installs a help file. This can be accessed from the Help menu or from the help button on the toolbar within the addin. See the "overview topic" for a general  introduction.
Import Wizard Addin v2.2.0.66 Imports species observations from a simple file in text or Excel spreadsheet format. All imported data is subjected to Recorder 2002 validation rules as part of the import process. Includes the ability to translate MapMate keys into NBN keys to facilitate transfer of records from MapMate to Recorder 2002. When installed a new item "Import Wizard" will appear in the Tools menu. There will also be a new item "Help on Import Wizard" in the Help menu. Read the Overview topics for a general summary and details of the type of data and possible formats that the Wizard can support.   
Mapmate Transfer Tool n/a A series of queries are provided that can be used to export records to a tab-delimited text file which is formatted so that it is easily handled by the Recorder 2002  Import Wizard. There is a new version of the Import Wizard Addin which can handle a column of MapMate keys and translate them to the NBN-style keys.


If the addin is implemented as a .dll file, you will be unable to remove it and then install it again within the same session (if you attempt this the following error message will be displayed: "Error 32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"). You must close the application and restart before the addin can be re-installed. This is a limitation imposed by Windows as .dll files are not removed from memory until the programme that loaded them terminates. You will recieve a similar error message if you do not delete the old .ocx after uninstalling and attempting to re-install an addin.